Wildlife Photography in Duluth

By KBJR News 1

August 11, 2010 Updated Aug 11, 2010 at 10:09 AM CDT

Wildlife photographer and author Mike Furtman is in familiar territory, he's been wandering these woods for more than 30 years.
As one of the premier outdoor photographers in the country some may expect he's spending the day in deep in the Superior

National Forest or a large expanse of wilderness, but this day he's happily in the confines of a Duluth neighborhood.

"...That works to my advantage for photography. If I ran into these same bucks in a large woodland setting they would just hightail it, because they can, but because they don't want to cross that street down there if they don't need to."

And Furtman does his best not to push the deer from their home area, he even works to become accepted.

"Often when I'm walking I'll take my gloves off and just touch branches and things just so they get used to me, it's kind of rewarding for a big animal like that to say oh it's okay I trust you."

To capture his images Furtman has a dedicated wildlife camera rig.

"I'm using a digital SLR single lens reflex camera which means you sight through the lens... 100-400mm lens. You really need 400 mm for wildlife work, it's a shoulder mount it eliminates the need for a tripod in a lot of instances. It's perfect for this kind of work. And its connected to the shutter with this button it focuses and takes the picture."

Not that there are ALWAYS subjects to photograph.
(nats ... pssht... pssht.)
Furtman says no problem.
"I photograph everything when I'm out in the woods."

And he's happily earning his living with his photographs many taken from the wilds in the Duluth City limits. I'm David Hoole for Nature matters.

Michael Furtman offers one on one wildlife photography instruction for anyone interested in how to get the most from time spent photographing nature.
You can contact him through his website http://www.michaelfurtman.com