Hawk Drops Puppy From the Sky in California

May 18, 2012 Updated May 18, 2012 at 1:32 PM CDT

It wasn't quite raining cats and dogs in Los Banos, Calif., but Elaine Bouschard and her grandson, Taylor Callaway, say it was a miracle when they saw this tiny dog fall from the sky, according to a story by Granite Broadcasting sister station KSEE24.

Callaway explained, “All of a sudden I saw this little puppy laying there, he was almost dead.”

“Right here is where Taylor started yelling that he saw the puppy. I looked up and the hawk was just flying right here, circling around and at that point, we all just went to the puppy,” added Bouschard.

They did what many would do. They picked it up, and kept it.

“My thought is that when god drops a puppy from the sky, you keep it,” expressed Bouschard.

She thinks the hawk may have grabbed the puppy from a junkyard because he was greasy when they found him.

“If you look here, there's three little clutch marks, right here and when he hit the ground he bounced,” she explained.

She plans to add the miracle puppy to her mix of cats, dogs, horses and yes, she even owns a couple of hawks. She said, “I actually think God just dropped me a baby to have for Mother's day, so this is my baby for Mothers Day!”

Bouschard's still trying to figure out why the hawk decided to release the puppy from it's clutches.

“He is so wiggly and his nose, he's a bulldozer, I could see him wiggling right out of the talons of it,” she said.

It's a gift from the sky she's decided to name "TJ Heavenly."

“How cool is this? Okay, again, pennies from heaven, puppies from heaven," expressed Bouschard.

Bouschard has since given TJ Heavenly medicine and plenty of food. She's assuming he's about eight weeks old because he opened his eyes for the first time, Tuesday.