Bullying of Bus Monitor Caught on Tape

June 21, 2012 Updated Jun 21, 2012 at 12:12 PM CDT

According to a report from Granite Broadcasting sister station WKBW, a ten-minute video shot by a middle school student has gone viral on YouTube, showing a 68-year-old bus monitor for a New York school district being taunted and teased by students.

According to the WKBW report:

"Karen, you're fat," one of the students can be heard saying.

"You take up like the whole entire seat," said another student.

The verbal abuse was so bad that at one point Klein can be seen wiping away tears.

"You know, sometimes you expect kids to be like that," Klein said. "They weren't that bad all year. They just, that one day, I don't know what possessed them."

Police are investigating possibly filing criminal charges against the students.