A Fight Against Breast Cancer

By KBJR News 1

September 10, 2010 Updated Dec 21, 2010 at 11:11 AM CDT

Cancer was something Alene Bohren never thought twice about... until the day she found a lump.

"It's like everything all at once: angry, frustrated, sad, and guilty because you know that you are going to cause a lot of worry for people," says Alene.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer... Alene underwent a double mastectomy and chemotherapy.

But she says the hardest part was telling her daughters about her condition.

"The thought hadn't occurred to me that it would happen to someone so close to me. It was really scary," says Alene's daughter Madison.

"I just remember being really scared and she was changing in her looks and she didn't look the same. It was just really hard," says Alene's daughter Carson.

As Alene was struggling both physically and emotionally through her treatment... she decided to join a breast cancer support group through St. Luke's.

"When you are diagnosed you feel so different from everyone else. So it's nice to feel the same as or similar to someone else," says Alene.

Alene's husband, Dale, spent each day by his wife's side... fearful for her life.

"That really brings it home that there are a lot of things you take for granted in life and it can be taken away quickly," says Dale.

Alene's family says it was her upbeat and optimistic attitude that got her through it.

"She's been so positive about this whole thing and she's been so brave. She's an inspiration," says Carson.

Alene finished her chemotherapy in 2009 and is now in remission with a new outlook on life.

"It really does change your life and it changes your perspective on everything. I mean every morning I wake up and I'm thankful," says Alene.

Alene intends to participate in the St. Luke's Walk a Mile for Breast Cancer.

The event takes place on September 19th near Fitger's in Duluth.

It costs 25 dollars to walk and a portion of the proceeds goes towards St. Luke's breast cancer awareness and research.