Share Food Donations: Start To Finish

By KBJR News 1

October 27, 2012 Updated Oct 27, 2012 at 10:46 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's Newscenter) - Northland Boy Scouts taking part in the Share Food drive and are making sure everyone has food on the table this holiday season.

From the grocery store to the food shelf, soon those in need will not have to worry about being hungry.

For many, a quick trip to the grocery store is no big deal.
But others don't have the same luxury.

On Saturday, Boy Scouts from the Duluth area helped collect donations for those in need.

"You can get your donation items, you can check out, and then you put it in the box by the door," Alex Kiprof, a Boy Scout, said.

This is all apart of the SHARE food drive.

Shoppers received a list of items needed most at area food shelves, and were asked to buy one or two extra items to give away.

"Lot's of donations and lots of kind people," Kiprof said.

After you decide on an appropriate donation item and you leave it behind, then what happens?

"As you can see these boxes are empty, in preparation for all of the donations that we are going to get," Meg Kearns, CHUM Director of Distributive Svcs., said.

Meg Kearns at Chum says after the items are collected, they are weighed and put on shelves.

From there, items are distributed.

"When people come in for food orders, they get approximately a five day supply of food. We try to have it as balanced and nutritious as possible, which is one of the reasons—if you saw the list of foods that we are requesting today, it's pretty much basics. Canned foods, canned vegetable soups, tuna, peanut butter, all of those kinds of things," Kearns said.

So that's the end, right? Well, not exactly.

With community members working so hard to collect donations, those who benefit from the food shelf are happy that there will be enough food to go around for everyone.

"See, I receive food stamps. And when my food stamps run out, then I have to come here and get a little help from them," Barbara Stevens, a donation recipient, said.

"It's going to make me feel good because, I know food is going to be here for everyone in the world that will need it," Rosa Strong, donation recipient, said.

But not so fast...there is never a limit on how much food can be donated.

"You see these boxes? We need these to be filled and then we need them to continue to be refilled, because I've been at the food shelf long enough to realize that I can never say I've got enough food," Kearns said.

The contributions will be given to CHUM, Salvation Army, Union Gospel Mission, Hermantown and Cloquet Food Shelves.

Justin Reis, NNC. jreis@northlandsnewscenter.com