Gov. Walker Head to Trego for Governor Fishing Opener

By KBJR News 1

May 5, 2012 Updated May 5, 2012 at 9:21 PM CDT

Trego, WI (Northland's NewsCenter) - Governor Scott Walker enjoyed a break during his campaign season for a Wisconsin tradition that has carried on for 47 years.

Nearly 200 people we're invited to the 47th annual Governor's Fishing Opener held at Frase's Bay Park Resort and Campground in Trego, Wisconsin.

"Anytime you're on the water and not in the capitol, it's a lucky day".

This will be the third year that the opener was held at the resort, the others back in 2006 and 1997.

Owner of the resort Dan Frase commented on how relieved he was to find a non-existent protesting presence.

"It's not about politics. It's not about government. It's about promoting Northern Wisconsin and promoting what we have to offer, and woods and water".

More importantly, the fishing opener is also a major boost in helping out the local community, and a kick start to the spring and summer tourism season.

"Every year we have over 400,000 people come in. 400,000 people to fish that come in from outside of our state's borders. They spend more than a quarter of a billion dollars in retail sales, so it's a part of tourism as well".

However, when you put aside the thoughts of tourism, and the economy you find that being an angler is more than landing that big catch.

"It's our heritage. We hunt in Wisconsin, and we fish in Wisconsin and we have fun here.

"Although it's a lot of work. It's good for the area and good for business, and we're having a good time".

As for Governor Walker, he was escaping from a rigorous campaign season is just what he needed.

"The bottom line is I'm out in the water...so cast and relax. I said to me, one of the greatest things of this state and why so many people come here not only to fish but to hunt as I do as well. You go to get away from it all. You get away from business; you get away from work, from politics. On the lake it's just a good time to enjoy yourself and that's what I hope most people kick off today as well," said Gov. Walker.

Governor Walker was not among the lucky anglers today that reeled in a catch, which event organizers carries along that tradition for Wisconsin Governors as well.