Beaver House in Grand Marais Faces a Tough Decision

By KBJR News 1

August 12, 2012 Updated Aug 12, 2012 at 11:36 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's Newscenter) --- A popular family owned bait and tackle shop in Grand Marais may be closing it's doors for good.

An iconic bait and tackle shop just forty miles from the Canadian border may soon be closing its doors for good.

The owners of the popular Beaver House in Grand Marais face a tough decision.

It has been the Beaver Flicks, a home made fishing lure, that has kept tourists from all over the region coming back to this family owned shop for the last 48 years.

"We have lures in here that you can't find anywhere," said Mike Cronberg, family business owner of the Beaver House.

The beaver flicks are what have attracted the Sullivan family and kept them coming back for the past ten years.

"We had five fishing yesterday and those that were using the beaver flicks were catching the fish and so we were trading off the poles so that they could the fish," said tourist Sue Sullivan.

But now sickness and old are causing the shop to be put up for sale...

"My mom and dad's health– they are getting old and they have arthritis and my dad has had a lot of heart troubles and different things," said Mike Cronberg.

The shop has been on the market about a little over two weeks and with many bites on the sale the future is still unknown but neighboring businesses say it just won't be the same

"Even as a kid I remember when my dad would take us to town and we'd come to the donut shop and then we would always go in the bait shop. You had to," said Brittany Bockevich, an employee at the World's Best Donuts.

It's a change in tradition that some might have to make..

"We may not decide to come up here if this place is closed," said Mike Sullivan.

"Where are people gonna get bait? Holiday?," said Bockevich.

While ownership will most likely fall into new hands, the current owners say the tradition of home–made fishing lures won't end as they plan to start a website to continue selling them.

The store owners say they plan to start selling their merchandise for half off at the end of the month.

Visit the Beaver House website for more on how to get the one of a kind lures online.

Written by Raeanna Marnati