Hockey Hair On YouTube With Northland Roots

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March 12, 2013 Updated Mar 12, 2013 at 8:45 PM CDT

Hermantown, MN (NNCNOW.com) - Hockey is known for its camaraderie, competitive nature and pure love of the game, but recently many hockey players have become trend setters in the world of hair.

A YouTube video, released several years in row, highlights not just Minnesota's high school hockey playoffs, but also the trend–setting hair styles of the players.

Members of the Hermantown Hawks hockey team are whipping their hair back and forth not only to get a rise out of fans, but also as a sign of status.

The players start to grow their hair on day one of the playoffs and let it grow until they're done.

After that, they cut it all off.

"Last year in the state tournament I went with the slicked back, nice and tight and it didn't get me on the team. So, I went with a different approach this year—feathered her up with the quick and dry look and the wind really caught it nice on the ice," Jake Zeleznikar, a Hermantown Hawks Hockey defensive player, said.

The length of hair is also meant to bring good luck.

This trendy style has become a YouTube sensation...at least for the last several years.

"We start with Joe, just old school mullet. Again a little bit of spray bottle," An announcer from Pulltab Productions said.

The video titled All Hockey Hair Team 2013 is a humorous take on the topic and has been viewed nearly 155 thousand times since it was posted on Saturday...it features several Duluth players, including three Hermantown Hawks.

"Christian who is doing the cotton candy, I mean that is just absolutely awesome right there," An announcer from Pulltab Productions said.

The creator of this video, who wishes to remain anonymous, highlights Minnesota's high school hockey teams and gives an honorable mention to the player's long locks.

"Well, I think the criteria that the guy who makes the video is looking for, was a little different than what I had last year. I was going for more of a throw back mullet...the other guys on the team went with more of a voluptuous look," Zeleznikar said.

Terms such as river, waterfall, bundle of cabbage and waves crashing are all used to define this hair style that has gone viral.

"I think its more superstition that anything. Last year everyone had the longest hair I've ever seen and we cut it when we lost and we never lost," Christian Wasbotten, a Hermantown Hawks Hockey defensive player, said.

This year the small town team's luck earned them second place at the all state playoffs.

"I think it's just something that goes along with hockey. I mean, you gotta have the locks flowin' out of the back of the bucket. It just something I've always had ever since I played hockey," Joe Muehlbauer, a Hermantown Hawks Hockey defensive player, said.

Each of the team members agree that the hair is a fun element of the team, but the best part is the sport.

Once the playoffs ended, the three teammates each made an appointment with their stylist, had their hair cut and are looking forward to growing it out again for the next hockey season.

They each cut off more than four inches of hair.

There's no hair requirement, it was a group effort to build momentum for the 2012, 2013 hockey season.

As for the video creator? He did not reply to us with details on who he is, but people who know him told us he is a hockey dad living on the east side of the Twin Cities and simply has a love for the game.

To see the All Hockey Hair Video 2013 on YouTube, click here: http://bit.ly/Y68ke9

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