Spring melt produces beautiful waterfalls

By KBJR News 1

April 11, 2014 Updated Apr 11, 2014 at 7:21 PM CDT

Two Harbors, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- The spring melt is underway and it's causing waterfalls to be a popular attraction in the Northland.

As snow melts, the water it produces will always follow the path of least resistance. A small stream flows into a big stream and here in the Northland, most of them flow to the source of much of our drinking water, Lake Superior.
The path of least resistance is sometimes straight down and it's the falling water that produces the beautiful scene.

"This is my first time here. It's gorgeous! It's huge! The falls are super muddy, it looks like chocolate waterfalls!" said Gooseberry Falls Visitor, Carie Zeise.

Whether you're in Duluth's Lincoln Park or further up the shore at Gooseberry Falls, spring has sprung and when the ice breaks up, the rivers rage.

"In past years, like last year it went out on April 28th. Before that it's been late to mid-March. So it's exciting that it went out today. I was out just this week on Tuesday hiking up the river and there was still a lot of ice" said Gooseberry Falls' Lead Naturalist, Kelsey Olson.

Plenty of snow is still on the ground and it's not that easy to get to the falls.

"Yeah, just be careful walking down these steps, it's pretty slippery" said Gooseberry Falls Visitor, Tom Cermak.
"Maybe some rain boots" said fellow visitor, Jody Cermak.

But even if you forget your rain boots, many say it's worth getting your feet wet to see the natural movement of spring.

As the river continues to flow, things are always changing.
One couple mentioned they saw that over an hour ice piled up on a section of the river causing water to rise and the river to change course.

Large chunks of ice and even whole tree trunks flow down the river carrying winter away to the song of the roaring rivers.

Bryce Henry