Seaway Hotel to be Condemned Later this Month

By KBJR News 1

July 11, 2012 Updated Jul 11, 2012 at 9:22 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) --- Residents of the Seaway Hotel have been given just 17 days to pack up and move out.

The City of the Duluth has condemned the building after finding it unfit for human habitation.

A spokesperson for the Housing Redevelopment Authority says later this week, several organizations are coming together to form a game plan to help those at the Seaway.

Damage caused by recent flooding added to a list of problems with the old building.

Here are the reasons the Certificate of Occupancy has been Revoked:

-The roof of the building is severely deteriorated and leaking in several areas.
-Roof leaks has caused ceiling and wall damage in several areas.
-Ceiling tiles damaged or missing are compromising the effective operation of the sprinkler system.
-Several areas of corridor walls have been damaged by repairs or water compromising the required-fire rating of the corridors.
-A large area of the exterior wall in the front courtyard is badly deteriorated with possible structural failure.
-Due to substantial water leaks into the wall and ceiling cavities for a long period of time, the electrical system is deemed compromises and mold growth will occur.

With July 27 being the date the occupants must be out, several people told us they feel it's unfair that they have to find a new place to go so quickly.

"These people are human beings, and I feel they have a right to have a place to live that's safe and secure and not just to be put out on the street, like an animal or something. The people of this city need to get together and care enough to try to help us out some kind of way that they can, whatever way they can help out because we need help," said Linda Kish, a Seaway tenant.

"Of course we're going be looking at public housing and people who are displaced would have a priority in our public housing. If they otherwise qualify for housing, or section eight voucher program is another possible resource," said Rick Ball, the Executive Director of the Housing Redevelopment Authority in Duluth.

Ball says landlords with subsidized housing and non profits may also be able to help house those in need.

The Seaway residents should hear from organizations sometime next week about the resources that are available to them.

HRA estimates between 60 and 80 people live at the Seaway.

The owners also sent out a note to residents saying they are working to meet the requirements to be in compliance, and plan to file an appeal.

Once residents are out of the Seaway, however, no one will be allowed to occupy the building until after the order is lifted.


The Seaway Hotel at 2001 West Superior Street in Duluth has been the site of multiple stabbings over the years as well as the scene of the last time a Duluth police officer was killed in the line of duty 22 years ago.

Back in 2009, a partnership between the Seaway and Duluth police was created to help control crime around the hotel. A year after that partnership was created, Duluth police say that they had seen a 60% decrease in crime around the Seaway, however neighbors of the hotel said that they disagreed with that report.

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