Second chance for 2011 high school grad

By KBJR News 1

May 19, 2011 Updated May 19, 2011 at 9:50 AM CDT

Being a good mom, that's twenty year old Breanna Shack's number one priority.

So getting an education and setting a good example for her children is important. But it isn't easy.

"It's been hard struggling with three kids, by yourself," she says.

Breanna got pregnant at the age of fifteen, and it seemed everyone but her mom turned on her.

"I struggled with my dad calling me names and my family attacking me because of me being pregnant," she shares.

With the tough situation at home and classmates constantly ridiculing her, Breanna ran away from her life in Chicago and headed for what she hoped would be a new beginning in the city of Duluth. But with no home, the transition was no easier than the life she left in Chicago.

"For a while my kids were in the system because I had no place to go. I was homeless so I had to voluntarily place them in the system so that no harm would be done to them because I was moving from place to place."

It was then that she found Lifehouse. And after signing up for independent study through Duluth public schools, the Future Educations Case Manager at Lifehouse, Tom Albright, helped her study to reach her goal of finishing high school.

"She and I were meeting about twice a week just to make sure that she was staying on track, that she was getting work done, and a lot of it was just being a support network for her," says Tom.

With a support network, a roof over her head, and soon a high school diploma in hand, Breanna says the Lifehouse helped change her life around.

"I'm not that person that I was before. There are better ways of doing stuff, and I learned that from Lifehouse."

Breanna, who will be delivering the keynote speech at the graduation ceremony, says besides being the best mom she can be, her goal is to become a lawyer and a women's advocate, because she says, she wants to "fight for what's right".

Posted by: Courtney Godfrey