Superior Police Seeking Ordinance to Regulate Synthetic Drugs

By KBJR News 1

July 3, 2013 Updated Jul 3, 2013 at 6:26 PM CDT

Superior, WI (NNCNOW.com)--- There has been a growing epidemic in synthetic drug use here in the Northland.

The city of Duluth has been battling with controversial head shop Last Place on Earth.

Now the Superior Police Department is fighting back against the rising problem in their city.

"We've seen an increase in the number of calls that we attribute to people high on synethic drugs and people showing up in our emergency rooms with medical problems brought on by synthetic drugs," said Superior Police Chief Charles Lagesse.

The increase has prompted Superior Police to present a new ordinance to the city to regulate the use and sale of the drugs.

"We can require that the businesses that sell be licensed and that they follow rules as far as where they are, what hours of operation, and some labeling rules on drugs they sell," said Lagesse.

With the city of Duluth cracking down on the Last Place on Earth, Lagesse says they are concerned about the possibility of a shop opening up in Superior.

"We don't wanna become an island where he (Jim Carlson) could jump to and run his business here to get away from the pressure," said Lagesse

Last Place owner Jim Carlson says he is not interested in opening up shop in Superior.

"I have enough headache and problems just running one store without adding more," said Carlson.

Carlson says that nearly one third of his business comes from Wisconsin anyway.

"I think anyone that wants it, it's not stopping them from getting it. It's just a little bridge between us," said Carlson.

A bridge that Lagesse hopes will keep synthetic drugs on the other side of it.

"Lets get the ordinance before a shop comes here partly for the hope that they look at it and say we don't wanna go there," said Lagesse.

Chief Lagesse expects to have the proposed ordinance in front of the city council for a vote on July 16.

Written and posted to the web by Raeanna Marnati