Superior Seeks Ban on Synthetic Pot

By KBJR News 1

August 31, 2010 Updated Aug 31, 2010 at 10:51 PM CDT

SUPERIOR, WISC. -- The Duluth City Council was quick to ban synthetic marijuana last night; and Superior City officials have revealed they want to follow suit less than a day afterward.

"We actually were approached by a gentleman from — I believe — Duluth, who is interested in bring his, I believe 'head shop' to Superior," said Superior's City Attorney Frog Prell.

But not so fast... Superior's City Attorney says he's drafting a city–wide ban designed to snuff out synthetic weed by as early as next week.

"No possession, no sale, no use, no transport, I believe," Prell said.

If that happens, Superior would become the second city in Wisconsin to outlaw synthetic weed, following a decision in Eau Claire just last month.

However, the idea of a ban is getting mixed reactions. Citizens of Superior we talked to weren't sure if it should be up to the city, and many hadn't even heard of the substance. Others were firmly against the hazardous product.

One man, interviewed outside of the public library declined to give his name, but said:

"I think they should legalize it, because the President took a puff of the real stuff."

"I suspect that our state legislature will ultimately enact something along the lines of a criminal code that will prohibit the use and the sale of this sort of product," City Attorney Frog Prell went on to say.

However, until then, a City–wide ban could be the only way to keep k2, spice, and other forms of synthetic marijuana out of Superior.

City officials plan to pursue the ban next Monday at a regular council meeting, and could enact their ban by then end of next week.

Written for the web by Matt Standal