LIVE BLOG: UMD vs. Boston College in NE Regional Final

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LIVE BLOG: UMD vs. Boston College in NE Regional Final

March 25, 2012 Updated Aug 30, 2012 at 8:42 AM CDT

9:36pm CST --- Good night, everyone. It's been a fun season.

9:35pm CST --- That's it. 4-0 the final score. UMD sees its dream of a second straight national title end. Boston College, Minnesota, Union, and Ferris State are the four Frozen Four teams.

9:31pm CST --- UMD didn't play its worst game of the season tonight. It just didn't play its best, and that's what you need against the #1 team in the nation.

9:30pm CST --- Back to the game, less than four minutes now in the third period. 4-0 BC leading.

9:29pm CST --- All seven of the seniors will be missed, both on the ice and in the locker room.

9:28pm CST --- Brady Lamb, Scott Kishel, Travis Oleksuk, Jack Connolly, Cody Danberg, David Grun, and Kenny Reiter are the seniors on this year's team. They are one of the most decorated senior classes in Bulldogs history.

9:27pm CST --- Let me say before this one's all said and done that it was a pleasure to cover this UMD team this season. It's full of not only great hockey players, but great individuals.

9:25pm CST --- Last TV timeout now in the third period. 4-0 Boston College.

9:23pm CST --- The last team to repeat as national champions was Denver in 2003 and 2004. Looks like that will still hold true after this season.

9:22pm CST --- Boston College is still yet to allow a goal in this Northeast regional.

9:22pm CST --- If a miracle is to happen, it will undoubtedly start on this power play for UMD.

9:21pm CST --- The Bulldogs will go on the power play here. Boston College tagged for roughing.

9:20pm CST --- That will pretty much do it. UMD's season will seemingly end in the Northeast regional final.

9:19pm CST --- GOAL! Boston College scores and it's 4-0.

9:18pm CST --- It's really not looking good for UMD. There is just no momentum in their direction right now.

9:17pm CST --- Some repairs happening now to the ice in front of Kenny Reiter's net.

9:14pm CST --- Foolish penalty that will, at the very least, cost UMD two minutes of attack time.

9:13pm CST --- I take it back. Brown is the only one to go. Boston College will have a power play chance now. That is clearly counterproductive to what UMD is trying to do.

9:12pm CST --- Matching minors there for J.T. Brown and a BC player. UMD tempers are getting hot right now.

9:11pm CST --- We are now 10 minutes away from sending someone to the Frozen Four. Still 3-0 Boston College.

9:10pm CST --- Tough to be happy right now if you're a UMD fan, but there is still time to get stuff done. It needs to happen quickly now, though.

9:10pm CST --- This power play ends and UMD still has a big goose egg on the scoreboard.

9:08pm CST --- If there's one player in the country I want taking that shot, it's Jack Connolly. He just missed it.

9:07pm CST --- Jack Connolly missed a wide open net. He had Milner beat, just airmailed it to the glass.

9:04pm CST --- Moral victories are no good here. UMD needs to score. It's not enough to have sustained pressure on the power play.

9:02pm CST --- BC kills it off, but goes right back in the box. I believe it's a cross checking call, and UMD will have another two minutes of 5-on-4.

9:00pm CST --- The 5-on-3 is essentially over now. A couple good chances for UMD, but no goals.

8:59pm CST --- BC takes another penalty, and UMD will skate 5-on-3 for about 40 seconds.

8:57pm CST --- J.T. Brown had a great chance in on goal, but was denied by Milner. No puck luck yet for UMD.

8:56pm CST --- The Bulldogs will go on a power play, and this is an absolute must-score situation.

8:55pm CST --- Before everyone gets started, this isn't necessarily UMD playing poorly. Boston College is just that good.

8:54pm CST --- It does stand, and UMD really has its work cut out for them now.

8:53pm CST --- Replays I'm seeing say this will stand, and it's 3-0 BC.

8:52pm CST --- That's a backbreaker for UMD. It is under review, though.

8:52pm CST --- GOAL! Patrick Wey scores for Boston College and it's 3-0.

8:51pm CST --- UMD gets a puck to the net right off the bat here in the third. A goal has to come quickly for a comeback to be in the cards.

8:49pm CST --- Teams are back on the ice now for the third period. UMD has just 15 shots on goal through the first two periods of play.

8:38pm CST --- This 2-0 lead seems like a 10-0 lead as the two teams head to the locker rooms.

8:35pm CST --- One last stat to throw at you before taking an intermission break. Boston College is (22-0-1) this season when leading after two periods. Food for thought.

8:34pm CST --- It's 2-0 Boston College going to the third period, thanks to a great save by Kenny Reiter in the final 10 seconds of play. BC had a 3-on-1 and got a point-blank shot.

8:33pm CST --- Two of UMD's goals against Maine were not pretty. They still counted and were the difference in the game.

8:31pm CST --- UMD was trying to make the pretty play during that entire power play. Frustrating. Shoot the puck, boys.

8:30pm CST --- Could have been a 5-on-3 after BC looked to trip in the neutral zone, but no call.

8:29pm CST --- I feel it's imperative UMD score here to have a chance in this game.

8:28pm CST --- There it is! Boston College takes a high sticking penalty, and UMD will have a power play chance at the end of the second period.

8:27pm CST --- I still think UMD deserves a power play. BC has had three, UMD one.

8:26pm CST --- Last night, it was senior Jack Connolly who sparked the Bulldogs with his power play goal. Who will step up for them tonight?

8:25pm CST --- Last TV timeout of the second period, and it's still 2-0.

8:24pm CST --- That's a fairly pessmistic view to take with this UMD team, which has shown the ability to score lots of goals very quickly.

8:23pm CST --- Someone just asked if the Bulldogs were "probably" going to lose this game. My response is that they scored five goals from this point on last night against Maine.

8:19pm CST --- It'd be very nice to go into the intermission at 2-1 if you're a Bulldogs fan.

8:18pm CST --- Tough to be down 2-0, but UMD seems to have refocused its efforts. One shot, and they're back in this hockey game.

8:17pm CST --- We have reached the second TV timeout in this second period, still 2-0 Boston College.

8:15pm CST --- Good defensive play there. Didn't catch the number, but a UMD defenseman negated a partial BC breakaway by just a strong backchecking effort.

8:13pm CST --- Huge hipcheck by Wade Bergman along the boards at his own blue line. That's an old-fashioned hit, but Bergman has pretty much perfected it.

8:11pm CST --- My opinion is that UMD will again be sparked by a power play chance, but the question is will the referees give them that chance?

8:09pm CST --- We say it a lot in these kinds of games, but the next goal is huge.

8:08pm CST --- There's a reason BC is the #1 team in the nation, and this is now an uphill battle for the Bulldogs.

8:07pm CST --- TV timeout here in the second period with UMD down 2-0 to Boston College.

8:06pm CST --- Again, though, this UMD team is one that can score in bunches once they get some confidence. Just like last night against Maine, it's a matter of getting that one play to give them confidence.

8:06pm CST --- 1:26 separated those two goals for the Eagles. UMD has been able to comeback in their last two games. This one will be tough.

8:06pm CST --- You simply have to pick up the free guy in the defensive zone. UMD just lost all track of the shooter, and he was wide open in the slot. No chance for Reiter.

8:06pm CST --- Exactly the opposite of what UMD needed after allowing that first one. Scott Sandelin takes a timeout.

8:05pm CST --- GOAL! Boston College doubles its lead and it's 2-0.

8:04pm CST --- Important five minutes now for UMD. They don't need a goal, but they do need to put some strong shifts together.

8:03pm CST --- Just a matter of a stronger stick there for BC as they fought for the rebound. Pat Mullane gets credit for the goal.

8:02pm CST --- GOAL! Boston College gets a hard-working goal and it's 1-0.

8:01pm CST --- Luke McManus is also in the lineup again tonight for UMD, filling the role usually given to Scott Kishel. McManus had a nice game last night against Maine.

8:00pm CST --- Seriously, though, that kind of play from lines three and four is paramount to beating BC and winning another national title. That and Kenny Reiter playing well.

7:59pm CST --- Not to take credit, but I interviewed him before he left. Coincidence? Probably...

7:58pm CST --- It was largely agreed on by the Duluth media that Krause had his best game as a Bulldog against Maine.

7:57pm CST --- UMD's role players have had a great NCAA tournament thus far. Guys like Jake Hendrickson, Joe Basaraba, Max Tardy, even Adam Krause!

7:56pm CST --- We;ll have more knowledge gold for you later, but now back to live action. UMD started the period on the penalty kill, but now we are back to 5-on-5.

7:55pm CST --- The last time these two teams met in the NCAA tournament was in the 1985 third place game, with UMD winning 7-6 in overtime.

7:55pm CST --- Here are some of the tidbits I promised. The last time UMD played BC was 2003, a 2-2 tie.

7:54pm CST --- Teams are taking the ice now for the second 20 minutes. Shots are 8-7 in favor of Boston College.

7:42pm CST --- Time to step away for a few minutes, stretch the legs. Be back in 10 minutes to talk some factoids and get ready for the second period.

7:42pm CST --- Now the first goal becomes that much more important. It's one thing to be down 1-0 in the first period, much different to be down 1-0 in the second or third period.

7:41pm CST --- I enjoyed the pace of the first period from both teams. It appeared they were both playing smart, cautious games but you could see the potential for the skill guys to take over.

7:40pm CST --- We head to the first intermission tied 0-0. It wasn't for lack of chances, but Kenny Reiter and Parker Milner did their jobs well.

7:39pm CST --- My prediction of a scoreless first looks as if it will hold true.

7:38pm CST --- Another strong save from Reiter to get a whistle. He looks as if he's seeing the puck very well here in Worcester.

7:37pm CST --- Replays here show Lamb eased up just enough at the end of that hit to avoid a five-minute major. UMD back on the penalty kill. Third time tonight.

7:36pm CST --- Now Brady Lamb is going off for UMD. Looked like a hit from behind to me, but it's just a minor penalty.

7:35pm CST --- We are back to 5-on-5 action. Great kill for UMD.

7:33pm CST --- The Bulldogs' first penalty kill was shortened by a BC penalty, but this is another big chance for the killers to help their squad.

7:32pm CST --- In the meantime, Travis Oleksuk has been tagged for hitting from behind. He threw a check in the center of the ice, maybe more interference, but he's off for two minutes.

7:32pm CST --- To even have played in five NCAA games is good experience. To have won them all is, obviously, even better.

7:31pm CST --- Here's a fun stat. Kenny Reiter is (5-0) lifetime in NCAA tournament games. Not bad.

7:30pm CST --- Another good save for Reiter as we head to our final TV timeout. He's been impressive this NCAA tournament, much as he was last season.

7:29pm CST --- Chance for BC, and I think Kenny Reiter got a piece of that one! Great save from Reiter on really his first test of the night!

7:26pm CST --- We reach the second TV timeout still scoreless, and I will predict no goals in the first period. Just the impression I get from the gameplay so far.

7:25pm CST --- I like that UMD has started this game in a disciplined manner. 60 minutes, or more, is a must tonight against these Eagles.

7:24pm CST --- Parker Milner made a couple great stops to keep us scoreless.

7:23pm CST --- Great chance in front for Mike Seidel and Jack Connolly as that abbreviated power play was ending. Still 0-0.

7:23pm CST --- At first glance these two teams look very evenly matched. As this game opens up, we'll be in for a treat.

7:22pm CST --- We will play 4-on-4 for a while, and then UMD will get a short power play chance.

7:21pm CST --- On the ensuing rush for BC, they were tagged for too many men on the ice. Wow, what a turn of events.

7:20pm CST --- 3-on-1 rush on the penalty kill leads to a chance for UMD's Chris Casto, and he put it over the net.

7:20pm CST --- Big test now for the UMD penalty killers. A goal here kind of undoes all the team's hard work thus far.

7:19pm CST --- First penalty of the game goes against UMD's Tim Smith. Tripping after BC had some extended pressure in the offensive zone.

7:18pm CST --- Minnesota will play the winner of UMD-Boston College in the Frozen Four semifinals.

7:17pm CST --- Union and Ferris State are the other two Frozen Four teams, both making their first-ever appearance. One will play in its first-ever national championship game.

7:16pm CST --- Congratulations go out to the Minnesota Golden Gophers, who punched their Frozen Four ticket with a 5-2 win over North Dakota.

7:15pm CST --- Boston College, by the way, is the #1-overall seed in this NCAA tournament.

7:14pm CST --- UMD players said they enjoyed being in BC's region and that the Eagles were getting most of the hype. Makes them underdogs, and this team plays well as underdogs.

7:13pm CST --- We have reached our first TV timeout in Worcester tied 0-0. Neither team seems to have an edge, still feeling one another out.

7:12pm CST --- I'd rather see a team win this one playing solid 5-on-5 hockey.

7:12pm CST --- Could have been tripping against Jake Hendrickson, but neither official calls it. I like that, simply because this game will be decided on the power play if the referees allow it to be.

7:10pm CST --- Almost five minutes played until our first whistle. This is a matchup of two incredibly talented teams, and I expect a fast pace.

7:09pm CST --- Mike Seidel had a good shot in the slot, but it looked like he waited too long for his opportunity.

7:08pm CST --- I thought the Bulldogs got out to a good start last night despite falling behind 2-0. They need another fast start tonight, but absolutely cannot fall too far behind this Eagles team.

7:06pm CST --- Boston College enters the game as the #1 team in the nation and on a 16-game winning streak.

7:05pm CST --- Last night's semifinal game was essentially an away game for UMD, and tonight is no different against BC. Lots of bad colors in the rink if your a Bulldogs fan.

7:05pm CST --- I'll catch you up on some game tidbits as we go along, but first let me remind everyone that these are the last two NCAA national champions. UMD in 2011, BC in 2010.

7:04pm CST --- Chris Casto's helmet gets knocked off by a hit behind the UMD net. Setting the tone early, I see.

7:04pm CST --- We just had faceoff in Worcester between #1-seed Boston College and #2-seed UMD. Winner is off to the 2012 Frozen Four.

7:03pm CST --- Welcome back, Bulldogs fans!

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