Virginia Football Prepares For Sections

By KBJR News 1

October 26, 2010 Updated Oct 26, 2010 at 8:26 AM CDT

After their victory over Proctor last week, Virginia found itself with an undefeated record going into this week's playoffs.

A quiet bus ride home from a shut out game against the Proctor Rails let Virginia Blue Devils head coach Ed Cremers know his players understand they still have a lot in store.

"It wasn't the kids super bowl last week, that wasn't the high point of their season. They have some goals that they want to attain."

And with the wind at their back anything is possible.

The Virginia Blue Devils finished with an 8 and 0 record for their regular season.

Something Cremers says hasn't happened in Virginia for a long time.

"1990 was the last time it happened in Virginia, so 20 years ago, and a lot of those players are still around today, or they're starting their families in Virginia and supportive of the program, so it's nice seeing them around," said Cremers.

Senior captain Cavan Stackpool says he saw improvement with the team every week of the season.

"Our defense was ok. Our offense wasn't all there because we didn't have our timing and as we got better, our defense got more aggressive. Offense started coming together and now we're playing some pretty good football, I'd say," said Stackpool.

For their last practice before the first section game Tuesday night, players went inside.

Running drills and preparing for a game where anything could happen.

"Just hoping that everyone is focused and ready to go and know that the regular season is done and we're back to 0 and 0. We all need to be refocused and hit the ground running for playoffs," said senior captain Jace Friedlieb.

Friedlieb says he and many of his team mates have come along way.

Most of the team has grown up playing football together; since about the third grade.

Friedlieb says with their eyes on the prize, the team takes nothing for granted and is taking everything as it comes.

"Win one game at a time, and then take it one step at a time and hopefully get to where our goal has been the whole season; the section championship," said Friedlieb.

Kickoff for the game is at 7 tomorrow night at the Miners Memorial Complex in Virginia.

Posted by Elayne Crecelius