LPOE's Jim Carlson Considers Relocating Business to Superior

By KBJR News 1

August 29, 2013 Updated Aug 29, 2013 at 10:26 PM CDT

Superior, MN (NNCNOW.com) - Superior Mayor Bruce Hagen, along with other city officials, rallied at the government center on Thursday to publicly express that they would take any action necessary to keep LPOE owner Jim Carlson from relocating to Superior.

"...and perhaps even harsher, if necessary, to make sure that this does not happen in our community," said Mayor Hagen. "In fact, I'd be happy if he moved out of our community," he added.

Police Chief Charles LaGesse says he's confidant that the city's ordinances would effectively halt any such business.

"We have ordinances in place to address that, requiring licensure. There are state laws in place as far as what's illegal," said Chief LaGesse.

But Carlson insists it's not synthetic sales he's interested in, "but I have been looking at Superior for opening a bar or a methadone clinic," added Carlson.

Carlson says it's all about becoming a more popular figure in the public eye.

"What I'm trying to do is become a more popular person by doing something that's 100% legal instead of something that's 99.99% legal," said Carlson.

But Mayor Hagan and other city leaders say they don't buy it.

"Store fronts are [deceitful] in some respects in some respects, and fashion, in some areas, and some cases," said Mayor Hagen, "and I, personally, would vocally, vociferously go to bat against him doing business in Superior, period."

Carlson said he's already received support from a number of Superior businesses—a statement to which Mayor Hagen had some choice words.

"A business person in this community that chooses to do so in conjunction with Mr. Carlson will be called out immediately," said Mayor Hagen. "We will come down on them with everything we have.”

Mayor Hagen added that he wouldn't even trust a bridal shop being opened by Carlson in Superior, if that was something he ever proposed.

While city leaders say that legal options to block Carlson from starting business in Superior are still being discussed, they reiterate that they would do anything it took to keep him, and any form of his business, out of the city.

- Posted to the web by Billy Wagness