Littlewolf Trial: Prosecution Rests Case, Littlewolf Begins Calling Witnesses

By KBJR News 1

September 20, 2013 Updated Sep 21, 2013 at 9:05 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (NNCNOW.com) --- After eight days of testimony, the prosecution rested its case Friday in the Joshua Littlewolf murder trial.

Prosecutor Nathan Stumme called Theresa McGuire, a forensic scientist for the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, to testify.

The interesting testimony from McGuire was that blood found on two different knives matched the victims, but Joshua Littlewolf's DNA could not be detected due to a mixture of DNA found on the knives belonging to two or more people.

McGuire also testified that blood found on Littlewolf's shorts worn the night of the murder match Joshua Olson's blood.

Stumme's last witness was Keauna Olson, the victim's sister, who, through tears, painted a picture of how great of how great of a man her brother was.

Littlewolf began calling witnesses early Friday morning, with multiple objections coming from Stumme based on the fact that Littlewolf wanted the witnesses to speak based on what others told them, which is hearsay.

Littlewolf, in his orange jumpsuit and shackled, vented frustration telling Judge Floerke that he is not getting a fair trial and he believes Floerke is trying to get him convicted.

He also told the court he feels quote " that the media has crucified him on a cross like Jesus " and already pegged him as being guilty.

Littlewolf also painted a different picture of the victim today saying he was aggressive and angry when intoxicated.

Littlewolf has said he and Olson were drinking together the night of the murder. He has repeatedly said that Olson stepped on his ankle that night and that Olson was aggressive, coming at him with a knife first.

Littlewolf called Darren Hawpotuss, who was Olson's former neighbor, to the stand. Hawpotuss backed Littlewolf's claim saying that he saw Olson drunk numerous times and he was dangerous and a threat while under the influence.

A key witness, Sally Woundedeye, is expected to testify in the case on Monday.

Woundedeye has been subpoenaed by both parties because police believe she may have witnessed the murder. She was not seen or heard from for months, but contacted the St Louis County Attorney's Office last week.

Woundedeye was subpoenaed again this week and will testify on behalf of Littlewolf, who believes she knows more about the events of that night.

Rex Laaksonen, Littlewolf's legal advisor, told us that the defendants case should wrap up early next week.

It is still unknown at this time if Littlewolf will take the stand in his own defense

Written and psoted to the web by Raeanna Marnati