Deanna and Matt

By KBJR News 1

April 13, 2011 Updated Apr 25, 2011 at 9:12 AM CDT


It was a friend that pushed them together, but fate that sparked the fire.

"I thought he was so cute. I loved his smile right away," says Deanna.

Matt and Deanna met in their hometown of Marshall in 2006, but a job offer brought her to Duluth about a year ago.

"Should I take it, should I not take it, and it was really rough for us."

"All I wanted to do was say, 'No stay here'," says Matt.

But Matt supported Deanna's career and trusted that love would get them through the distance.

"This is just a little bump in the road," says Deanna

"Yeah one year out of many many many years," adds Matt.

Matt calls himself traditional and says, he always thought they would live together and have everything figured out before asking for Deanna's hand, but things changed.

"When I bought it, all I wanted to do was get rid of it," says Matt.

And that's just what he did.

Matt put on his best suit, drove five hours, and...

"I started looking down at the feet and I thought ok, dress shoes, look up higher, nice dress pants, male, look up higher, and there's Matt," Deanna gushes.

At the door of apartment number six, he dropped to his knee.

"My heart just went eeekk."

And despite their separation, they can't wait to turn the page to the new chapter in their life.

Looking at Deanna longingly, Matt says, "She means everything to me."