Nature Matters: Winter Wandering

By KBJR News 1

February 28, 2011 Updated Feb 28, 2011 at 1:55 PM CDT

Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) School kids are back to classes today after many had a week off for winter break.

In this week's Nature Matters David Hoole works to catch up with a group of vacationing kids who were doing a little learning on their time off.

(Kid Nats...)

Youngsters learned about "Winter Around the World" at a recent camp at Hartley Nature Center. The six and seven year olds studied dog sledding and found how the dogs can help people in northern climates.
(nats from outside travel)
Out on Hartley Pond they learned some musher commands.
"This is what you say to make them go left, you go ... HAW!!! ... (everyone tries).

Teams were hitched to sleds and the young mushers tried their hand at mushing on the frozen lake. And it wasn't long before the teams tired out and the sleds were pointed downhill for some sliding action.

"It's fun and once you get the hang of not hurting yourself, like on trees and stuff it's actually a good thing to do everyday."

"There are a lot of trees around here so sometimes you bump into trees like that kid usually does."

"If you have a sled with handles on it that's good - or strings, you can kind of steer. It's like you can go that and that and that (demonstrates turning).

"This is called 'Winter Around the World', our camp, and we're learning about how they have winters all around the world".

"It's giving them just a little background of where some of our winter sports come from and that people have been doing some of this stuff for thousands of years. It wasn't all for recreation, that there was a purpose."

"I think that for them to just be out in nature with a little learning thrown in between. It's amazing what they go away with."

"And they keep learning more and more.
(me)... "Why is that important?"
"So they can kind of discover the world all around."

"Boozoo! We're from winter 'Round the world and nature Matters!"

Hartley Nature Center is working on their summer camp schedule; you can register online beginning April 13th.