Mike McFadden highlights Polymet in Weekly Republican Address

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August 9, 2014 Updated Aug 11, 2014 at 5:35 PM CDT

TWO HARBORS, Minn. (NNCNOW.com) --- At Betty's Pies, just north of Two Harbors, the customers are hungry for solutions.

"The biggest concern is they believe we are on the wrong path," said U.S Senate candidate Mike McFadden (R-MN). “I'll get us on the road to growth and prosperity."

McFadden says government is crippling job growth and preventing mining projects like Polymet from expanding.

"To me it's a case study of what is wrong with government right now,” McFadden said outside Betty's Pies, on one of his statewide "Growth & Prosperity" tour stops, “it's been under regulatory review for seven years and $150 million has been spent and we still don't have an answer. And that is crazy."

In a rare appearance in what is usually reserved for Republican Governors and U.S. Senators, McFadden delivered the Weekly Republican Address Saturday.

McFadden highlighted Polymet as an economic bastion, and called out President Obama and Senator Al Franken for inhibiting Iron Range job growth.

"President Obama and Senate Democrats have had their chance to turn our economy around, but all we're doing is running in place,” McFadden said in the address. “We can do better."

Democrats fired back in a statement saying McFadden is anti-jobs, and would eliminate the Federal Minimum Wage if elected.

The McFadden campaign said those allegations are false.

"Minimum wage jobs are a great starter. I started with a minimum wage job – it was as a dish washer at $3.35 an hour – and it is a starting point,” McFadden said. “I think what is imperative in this country is we create opportunities for people to move beyond minimum wage jobs and get back on the ladder of social mobility."

Democrats are suggesting McFadden is changing his tune on the issue, pointing to remarks he made to the Pioneer Press in April.

The Minnesota newspaper reported the Republican believes there should not be a single federal wage in place for every state.

"Democrats are so desperate to distract from the dismal record of Al Franken and President Obama that they’re resorting to lying about Mike’s record," said McFadden spokesman Tom Erickson. "Mike sees the minimum wage as an important stepping stone to provide training and experience for better paying jobs – he does not support eliminating it."

McFadden's Weekly Republican Address can be viewed at this link:

McFadden's Weekly Address

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