SNL star Seth Meyers talks about new Late Night slot, Minnesota politics

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November 6, 2013 Updated Nov 6, 2013 at 1:44 AM CDT

Minneapolis, MN (NNCNOW.com) - As the head writer for Saturday Night Live, whose job it is to bring the "crazy level" of the cast members down a notch for rehearsal, comedian Seth Meyers says it's easier than some would think to be a serious individual.

"I'm kind of one of the more serious people behind the scenes of SNL," laughed Meyers in the front lounge of KARE 11 in Minneapolis Tuesday.

But you wouldn't get that impression when the SNL star paid a visit to our sister station to promote his latest role.

Come February, Meyers will take over for former Saturday Night Live star Jimmy Fallon as the host of Late Night—a move that he says will allow him to experience the weekly excitement level of SNL on a daily basis.

A celebrity himself, Meyers's 12–year career with the sketch comedy show came with its share of star–struck moments.

"I think probably the one that I always remember the most is the first time I met Bruce Springsteen," said Meyers. "That's the most nervous I've ever been to shake someone's hand."

He's also appreciative of the opportunities to meet some of comedy's biggest legends, both on and offstage.

"When you meet Don Rickles you want... two things to happen," said Meyers about the brief encounter he had with the comedy legend. "One: you want him to be nice, and two: you also want him to be meaner than anyone's ever been to you. And he was both of those things," he laughed, "so, it was the greatest 5 minute interaction of my life."

As for Minnesota, the ever–humble comedian says he was always impressed at how politically savvy Minnesotans were during his standup routines in the Twin Cities.

"Well, first of all, I like any state that elects a former SNL writer as a Senator," said Meyers, smiling, "mostly because it's raised my parents' expectations of what the next chapter of my life is going to be. So, thanks to Al Franken now they're like, 'and then one day, maybe, you'll be a senator.'"

But for now, Meyers's parents will just have to settle.

Seth Meyers will take on the role of host for 'Late Night' on February 24th.

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