Senator Jauch To Be Recalled?

By KBJR News 1

December 9, 2011 Updated Dec 9, 2011 at 7:18 PM CDT

Hayward, WI (Northlands NewsCenter) -- A committee has been formed to determine whether they should kick off an effort to recall Wisconsin Senator Bob Jauch.
The group plans to explore whether the Senator is doing enough to support efforts to bring a taconite mine to Northwestern Wisconsin.

Hayward resident and former senatorial candidate Shirl LaBarre is heading up the investigation. She is a part of a group called Citizen's for Responsible Government and together they intend to find out whether Senator Jauch supports mining or not.

Shirl LaBarre is frustrated with the stance Bob Jauch has taken to date. His objection to the Republican Assembly Bill has her questioning if Bob Jauch is really in favor of mining in Northern Wisconsin.

"We're not messing around anymore. We're going to go forward and do what we need to do. If he votes for the mining bill then there may not be a recall. If he does not vote for the mining bill, there will be a recall. We will do whatever we have to do to make sure that the citizens' voices are heard."

LaBarre is using Citizen's for Responsible Government as her platform to let everyone know she's watching. But Senator Jauch says he isn't hiding anything.

"I have been the one in the legislature for over six and a half months that has pushed legislative leaders to create a committee, to create a joint committee, and to encourage the governor to create a task force on mining."

LaBarre's says her exploratory committee will try to force Senator Jauch to make a clear decision. Jim Zeiler supports LaBarre's efforts saying the proposed G-Tac mine near Mellon is critical to support northern Wisconsin communities that are dying.

"I want to see mining happen in Wisconsin I would like to see responsible mining, not needless objections and lawsuits that are going to postpone this for decades and prevent the economic development of the Northwest."

Labarre agrees with Zeiler and says she wants clear support for the region's senator.

"Senator Jauch would not come out and say, "yes I'm for mining." He says, "I'm for responsible mining, well come up with a bill then, give us something. But he should be the person moving forward spearheading this because this is what the majority of the people in the Northland want."

LaBarre says if Jauch doesn't support the vote for the bill in January, she'll do everything in her power to see that Jauch is recalled.

Jauch says he doesn't support the Republican Assembly's bill but says he and the Senate Assembly are working on a different bill that calls for stricter environmental standards, but also supports mining.

Jordan Weinand