Study Finds Victims and Answers about Sex Trafficking

By KBJR News 1

April 22, 2013 Updated Apr 22, 2013 at 6:29 PM CDT


The Duluth Trafficking Task Force released it's first ever Sex Trafficking study.

The goal of the Point In Time study was to find out who in Duluth have been victims of sex trafficking.

The study presented victims of sex trafficking with a list of questions to better determine, who is being trafficked, why and how the process is taking place.

71 – percent of victims have suffered from sexual assault in their lives and many that are trafficked are led into the field by their significant others.

With approximately 80 – percent of the victims being women, sex trafficking in Duluth is a large contributor to violence against women.

Duluth has a higher amount of victims in comparison to other cities. As a port city, victims have often been abducted on boats in the past.

"We also have some connections to other large cities like Chicago and Detroit, Milwaukee and all that kind of stuff. And so I think that we're probably higher in some respects than other communities with a similar size," says Katy Eagle, PAVSA attorney.

The study shows that victims are often given false promises of food, shelter and safety to lure them into the sex trafficking world.

The victims in the study range from as young as nine to as old as sixty.