Wolves Attack Wisconsin Hunting Dogs

By KBJR News 1

September 29, 2010 Updated Sep 29, 2010 at 11:01 PM CDT

RED CLIFF, WI. --- Jimmy 'Finn' Nykanen has been hunting North American Black Bears with dogs since he was old enough to hold a gun.

"It's kind of like a sport. I don't fish, and I don't golf," Nykanen says, explaining the life of a dog-wielding bear hunter, or 'houndsman.'

For Nykanen, the love of hound hunting has transformed wildly-decorated camp southwest of Bayfield. Comical bear lawn ornaments populate the yard. A dozen hunting hounds sleep out back. He calls it 'Finnsville' -- a place where he and his favorite hunting dog 'Reuben' enjoy the love of the chase.

"One day last week, the bear bit him in the ham... right here on the hip" said Nykanen, describing the dangers of bear hunting, as he lavished attention on his favorite hound.

Lately, however, Nykanen says bears have been the least of Reuben's fears. That's because Wisconsin's growing wolf population has lately turned its attention to dogs invading their territory, and that fact has made Nykanen rather nervous.

"And then they eat 'em. All that's left when they're done – they eat the bones and all —– is the skull, and maybe the collar that's on 'em. That's all that's left," Nykanen said, describing the wolf attacks he's seen.

How does the DNR deal with problem wolves attacking dogs? Where is this problem behavior happening? Should people be concerned about their safety? Click on the video link above for the whole story!

Posted by Matt Standal