Warm and Dry Wednesday


Detailed Forecast
Tuesday, May 25

Tonight: Lows are down to 50º and we have a chance of some patchy fog south and east of the Twin Ports, mainly in northern Wisconsin. Expect Variable winds at 3-6mph.

Wednesday: Warm air marches east and our highs get up to 80º. There's a fast spot in the jetstream that moves over the Northland, this causes uplift in the atmosphere that will lead to a 30% chance of thunderstorms from the North Shore to Duluth and then will push down to the south into Northern Wisconsin. There will be enough instability and heat to give energy to the storms as they continue south and east in the late afternoon.

Thursday: A low pressure system pushes east from the Dakotas. This gives us a 60% chance of rain and some thunder too. Morning lows are in the upper 40s and highs are in the mid 60s.

Friday: The low drags a cold front across the area giving places in Northern Wisconsin a better chance of rain (60%), but the Twin Ports' chance is around 40%. Highs are again in the mid 60s.

Saturday:Expect mostly sunny skies as high pressure builds from the north. This brings an east wind. That cools us off. Morning lows are around 40º and highs are near 55º.

Have a great day!
Adam Clark
Chief Meteorologist