Crew On The Range Prepare For Second Storm In A Week

By KBJR Manager

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM CDT

City crews on the Iron Range have been busy cleaning up more than two feet of snow from last weekend's storm.

Now they're preparing for another foot of snow over the next few days. Chris Buckley has the latest.

On Thursday, city crews in Hibbing were still getting rid of last weekends snow. And preparing for more:

Area first responders don't do anything differently during a snowstorm... but it is more difficult to respond.

"It takes longer to respond, a lot of the problems revolve around the snow depth, ambulances are basically pickup trucks so the snow catches underneath, so we have to have the streets somewhat clear for them to get through."

He says they work with the public works department in those situations, and the station has a plow truck they use as well.

"Sometimes we do transfers and if we can get around putting someone on the road we will but it doesn't work out like that all the time, an emergency is an emergency."

The heavy wet snow kept crews at the Chisholm-Hibbing airport busy all last weekend.

"We were successful in keeping the main runway open and a path to the terminal so the airline could come and go, we did experience a couple of missed flights because we couldn't keep up with de-icing, then the visibility dropped for the next day, and that kept those flights from going."

And they'll be keeping a close eye on the radar screens in the next few days.

"Just watching the weather, making sure we're staffed, the equipment is ready to go, we'll concentrate on the priorities, keeping the runway open, the path to the terminal and make sure people can get out, then as the snow lessens we'll continue to clean up the area."

It will still be held at Hibbing Community College.

For Range 11, I'm Chris Buckley