The Northlands' Winter in Review

By KBJR News 1

August 4, 2010 Updated Aug 4, 2010 at 11:47 AM CDT

This winter will hit the record books for cold and snow across the country.
At one point every state in the continental United States had snow.
But how has winter in the Northland shaped up historically?
Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson takes a look.

It's certainly been an interesting winter. We've seen rain, shine, sleet and snow; sometimes all in the same day. The Christmas blizzard was one of the largest and most unusual storms we've seen in awhile.

Seeing mountains of snow across Northland Parking lots is a typical sight in winter, but can they give us a clue of winters past?

"We have gotten a chunk of our snow in just two storms", said Mike Stewart at the National Weather Service.

The Northland's two big winter storms hit at the end of December and in mid January. And while it seemed like we got a ton of snow our snowfall is actually average for the year. In fact, if it weren't for those systems, we'd be over 30 inches below average.

As for temperatures...looking back at December, January and February we had some bitterly cold days and we had some mild temperatures. El Niño played a role in that.

"Usually when we are under a moderate to strong El Nino, which we are under a moderate El Niño, we usually get above normal temperatures up here in the upper Midwest", said Mike Stewart.

To many it seems like this has been a particularly cold winter. But the truth is we've been pretty close to normal.

"Well the month actually came out, we are about a degree and a half below normal, which is not too bad. But for January we were actually two and a half degrees above normal", said Mike Stewart.

And so far February's temperatures have been average as well.

"It's really been a typical winter across the Northland, Not really super cold, not really super warm", said Mike Stewart.

For the Northlands Newscenter, I'm Meteorologist Jeff Edmondson.

Winter in the Northland's far from over.
While meteorologists generally consider winter over at the end of February, in the Northland we can get snow and cold temperatures into April.
Time will tell if the average conditions will prevail.