Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - It's been one year since torrential rains washed out streets, homes and even entire towns across the Northland. Every day residents continue to live through the devastation of June's flooding that destroyed millions of dollars in infrastructure and left communities in shock. Assessors have estimated that across the Northland, the floods left $110 million in damage that will take years to recover from. Damage to Duluth roads has climbed to $37 million, leaving roads across the city littered with pot holes and huge chunks of pavement washed away. At the height of the flooding, 250 Duluth residents were displaced from their homes due to the flooding overtaking their houses. Of the 1,961 homes affected by the flood throughout the region, about 1,000 have been repaired, and a couple hundred still have substantial work left to do. The Mississippi River caused a great deal of flooding in Aitkin County. The river crested a week after the flooding first started at 18.71 feet. That's 6.71 feet over flood stage for that part of the Mississippi. In Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Superior suffered some of the worst damage, with their entire library gone and damage estimates reaching $15 million. Check out these photos from the aftermath of the destructive floods across Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Posted to the web by Krista Burns