Severe Weather Safety Tips: Flood

By KBJR News 1

May 18, 2012 Updated May 18, 2012 at 7:31 PM CDT

Few things are as devastating as floods and they can happen as quickly as a wildfire.
Flooding brings many dangers but there are steps you can take to prepare yourself to reduce the damage from such natural disasters.
As we continue our Severe Weather Survival Tips Adam Clark looks at preparing for floods.

Flash floods are difficult to prepare for but you can see most floods coming. So if you're watching the water rise near your home what should you of done before it reaches you?
That's where preparation comes in. Study your property and get to know the lay of the land...you should know if you're in a flood plain.
The next thing is to figure out how to turn off the electricity, water and gas to your home.

If you have an emergency sump pump, check it regularly to make sure its operational and all your floor drains are clear.

Take pictures of your valuable possessions for later potential insurance claims and store your important documents in a waterproof container.

Another important thing is to have a safety kit prepared including batteries, a flashlight, first aid and enough food and water for your family for a week.

And here's another thing to be aware of . About half of all flood deaths occur in cars. So if you're driving and see a big puddle don't drive through it. It could be hiding a sink hole. The national weather service has a saying, "Turn around, don't drown." You don't know if the road has been washed out underneath!

Adam Clark
Chief Meteorologist