Weather Features

  • Flood Advisory

    A flood advisory has been issued for Pine, Carlton, S. St. Louis, Burnett, Douglas and Washburn Counties until 9pm. The NWS received reports of roads being covered with water around LIndal Road near Duluth. We've seen 3-4" of rain so far and could see up to 2 more inches.


    Heavy rain showers and thunderstorms will occur across the northland this afternoon. Rainfall amounts between 1-3" are possible, therefore the National Weather Serves has issued a FLOOD WATCH until Friday morning. The largest threat for severe weather will be in north and central Wisconsin and far east Minnesota. A large surface low in addition to strong winds aloft will create an unstable atmosphere capable of producing strong winds between 45-55mph, hail, and a possibly a tornado. Large squall lines of thunderstorms may form, capable of producing these sever events. Stay tuned for more details.

  • Flood Watch for parts of Northland

    The National Weather Service has issued a flood watch for Pine, Aitkin, Carlton, St. Louis, Lake, S. Itasca, and N. Cook Counties until Thursday evening. 2-4" of rain is possible as a cold front stalls out and moisture is driven norhtward into the region. If we see over 3" of rain out of this system flooding may occur. It is important not to cross flooded roads because the road could be washed out underneath the water. More flood fatalities happen in cars than any other cause. Adam Clark Chief Meteorologist Bio - Facebook - Twitter - E-Mail

  • Northlanders Become Storm Ready

    Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) - Several dozen Northlanders are keeping their eyes to the sky more often after becoming certified storm spotters.

  • Severe Weather Safety Tips: Flood

    What should you do if a flash flood threatens your property. This segments explains what to do.

  • Severe Weather Safety Tips: Wildfire

    This segment gives you tips on what to do to your property if a wildfire is threatening.

  • Severe Weather Safety Tips: Lightning

    What do you do if your hair stands on end while you're outside, Adam Clark explains the do's and don'ts when it comes to lightning.

  • Severe Weather Safety Tips: Tornado what to do indoors

    In this segment we tell you the best places to be inside your home during a tornado.

  • Severe Weather Safety Tips: Caught Outside

    What to do if caught outside when a tornado approaches.

  • Severe Thunderstorms Across the Northland

    Duluth, MN (Northland's NewsCenter) --- Severe thunderstorms could make their way into the Northland by this afternoon, possibly producing a tornado.