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  • Mobile Forecast

    Tuesday, October 25

    Low temps are in the upper 30s in Duluth, mid 30s for the South Shore and Ironwood and near the freezing mark for the Iron Range, Borderland and Grand Marais. Winds are out of the southeast at 5-15mph. Clouds are on the increase from southwest to northeast. There’s a chance of rain tonight for Aitkin County. The rain spreads north Wednesday morning.

    Rain lasts through most of the day for areas south of the Iron Range. The heaviest rain is in Northern Wisconsin. Chances are around 70% of seeing precipitation. Grand Marais has a 40% chance and International Falls has a 30% chance. Skies will be cloudy throughout the Northland. High temps are cool, into the low to mid 40s across the region as well.

    Thursday a weak high pressure moves over the region, it’s just to our south and sits over Illinois by the afternoon. This keeps us dry, but doesn’t quite clear us up. Expect mostly cloudy skies with highs in the upper 40s.

    Friday another low is approaching from the southwest. This puts us under some strong warm air advection, which means warm air is surging into the Northland. I’ve pushed the temps up a bit and increased cloud coverage. Lows are in the low 40s but highs reach the upper 50s. Chances for rain are around 30%.

    The low moves east and is just to our south on Saturday. This gives us an east flow which cools us back down. Lows are in the mid 40s and highs are in the upper 40s. Expect cloudy skies again and a 40% chance of showers. Sunday the low exits and we dry back up. We have partly cloudy skies with lows in the upper 30s and highs in the mid to upper 40s.

    Have a great day!

    Adam Clark

    Chief Meteorologist