Shame on her

Parking ticket?

This was taken on 12-31-07,( while she ran in to shop) a few weeks after the driver of this car gave parking tickets to at least 20 people attending their grandchildren's Christmas concert at a Superior elementery school.

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Happy 2 B Alive says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 12:30 AM

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle."

KH says ... on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 1:19 PM

It seems to be O.K. to park in a no parking zone when there is something going on at the Wessman Area (graduation, brewfest, boxing matches) Why are those events different from a grade school Christmas Concert?

BG says ... on Thursday, Jan 24 at 10:01 PM

Get a life, stop harrasing people & get to your kids concerts early so you can enjoy them, get a good seat & a good parking spot & maybe just maybe spend your additional time with your kids or grandkids, for heavens sakes!!!!!

thebubster20 says ... on Wednesday, Jan 16 at 10:39 AM

I want to thank everyone who posted a comment on this picture. I posted it to prove a point, law enforcers are not above the law. There are certain cicumstances where laws sould be overlooked, such as a school christmas concert not near major roads.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jan 14 at 10:23 PM

Some of you make me sick with your "High and Mighty" self. She screwed up, big deal. Get over it. As if you people have NEVER done anything wrong in your life. Then crucify this person in a public forum. Whats wrong with you people?

anonomous says ... on Sunday, Jan 13 at 8:53 PM

or maybe, we could just not park in a no parking zone when we enforce parking violations for a living....

Jim says ... on Friday, Jan 11 at 7:23 PM

Maybe we couldn't do it better, but we could do it with more compassion.

Kent says ... on Thursday, Jan 10 at 10:25 AM

Instead of complaining about it. Please if any of you think u can do there job better try. She's not tho only one I've seen park right in front. Just because you sit in the car doesn't give you the same right.

Busy College Student says ... on Thursday, Jan 10 at 1:15 AM

You people have way too much time on your hands!

Jim says ... on Wednesday, Jan 9 at 6:33 PM

It is amazing how when the city puts on events such as the Dragon Boat races, something that attracts visitors, they make parking spaces for people to park, but when events are planned for local events such as school concerts they could care less.

LILPIG92 says ... on Wednesday, Jan 9 at 6:22 PM she won't do that agian?!?

anonymity says ... on Wednesday, Jan 9 at 10:49 AM

I think I'll go and park in the same spot today,and go shopping.I'll bet anyone that I get a ticket,or tagged and towed.If I do get a ticket,I'll fight it and tell the judge that "it's all in the WI statutes,the police cannot give me a ticket"...

anonymity says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 8:06 PM

So,tomorrow I will go and park in the same spot and go shopping. Let's see if I get a ticket, I'll bet anyone that I do. If I get a ticket, then I'll just say , it's in the WI Statutes, you can't give me this ticket.

tdalcain says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 7:28 PM

so,serpico that means i, or anyone could park anywhere in this parking lot ,except illegally in a handicap spot , and not get a ticket or towed?

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 6:17 AM

Let's just give her a $15 parking ticket. Then, since it is the owner's responsibility, the City of Superior can pay itself $15. To avoid added accounting costs to the city, let's just call it square. Problem solved.

Frank S. says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 6:11 AM

Furthermore tdalcain, I know she cannot enforce moving violations. My point is, she was not in a handicap stall, not reckless driving, didn't hit and run and wasnt drunk driving. Therefore, no law was broken as this is a PARKING LOT.

frank s says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 5:33 AM

For tdalcain. There are four things police can enforce in a parking lot. Handicap parking, OWI, hit and run and reckless driving.Look it up.And you don't get cars towed for being in a fire lane.Why do you think you know the law when you don't??

super cops says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 5:25 AM

the police cannot enforce parking laws in a private lot, which that is, other then parking in the handicap spot. Serpico sure knows his stuff. There's also a good possibility your ticket at the school was issued by a officer working the event.

thebubster20 says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 1:35 AM

I didn't know they gave out parking tickets in the store. Also Michele, I'm sure you would also call the author of the Federalist papers which appeared in several New York papers a whiner. Where would the US be now if people like you existed in 1787

barely there says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 8:42 PM

just like the rest of the blogs where anybody can post anything and be anonymous about their comments - it doesn't matter what the facts are - we've made up our mind that all cops are crooked and on the take. nothing else matters. and that's final !!

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 7:34 PM

People are lambasting the police officers for her wrong doing. It wasn't an officer doing it.Just three days ago a deputy was killed in chippewa county doing his job.Remember that when all you do is complain about the police.You make me sick.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 6:02 PM

Mr. Bubster, The only thing your right about is she was there on Official Business. Contact the Police Chief and WalMart manager for clarification. I think you need it.

tdalcain says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 1:40 PM

This is a PARKING ENFORCEMENT OFFICER,not a police officer.She cannot pull you over for speeding,or give you any moving violations,only parking tickets.For Serpico,if you park in a"NO PARKING"zone you get ticketed and towed,likewise a fire lane.

thebubster2000 says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 11:48 AM

Yes I did see her shopping, and she was on "official city busness". It still does not give her the right to break the only law that she enforces. So, anonynous, I DO KNOW THE FACTS. Also the city of Superior agrees with me as she was repremanded.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 9:51 AM

For "GimmeabreakII",If she does this all the time,show us your documented times and dates of the alleged infractions. Bubster2000, did you see her shopping?Do you have any idea why she was there? Learn the facts,then post your comments.

Chin Strap says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 9:42 AM

Let's make the name of the person who took this picture, public. Then we can search their past, and ensure he/she has NEVER committed any infractions.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 5:59 AM

Are we sure this isn't a Photoshop job?

Frank Serpico says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 5:55 AM

This vehicle is not illegally parked. The only parking ticket that can be written in a parking lot are for handicapped parking. The stop signs in that parking lot cannot be enforced either. It's all in the WI statutes if anyone cares to check.

superiorite says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 5:55 AM

maybe she was dropping off the Mayors wife. Oh forget it that wouldn't work any more

super cops says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 12:58 AM

isn't it funny the people who can't take respocibility for their actions have to try to deflect the attention onto others. An emergency vehicle in no parking area. Who cares? Get over it. If they were corrupt you'd be getting more tickets. So nice.

Stranger says ... on Sunday, Jan 6 at 12:18 PM

i think Powell is trying to say that if cops do what they want can we do what we want

ANONIRONRANGER says ... on Saturday, Jan 5 at 5:53 PM

Superior, WI - Land of drunks, public crooks, arrogant cops and immigration and abortion nuts! Driving there from MN is like going to Tijuana from San Diego. Different rules, different world. Duluthians, stay and shop on your side of the bridge!

powell says ... on Saturday, Jan 5 at 11:12 AM

... Breaking that law. he gose and speeds. so does that mean that now he is the enemy of that. my point is cops think they can do anything they want. but you have to think. if i see them do somthing against the law and so i would want to do it too...

Powell says ... on Saturday, Jan 5 at 11:10 AM

Cops think they can do anything they want. i was watching a movie. and there was the bad bad cops them working for gangs and stop now a good cop well think of them the enemy for breaking the law. ok now the cop that thought the bad cop was bad for

thebubster2000 says ... on Saturday, Jan 5 at 11:04 AM

First: Ticket was given in parking lot 80 yards from school. Second: She was on official business, buying something, like everyone else in the store. Third: The laws are not always right. Forth: This was a planned event by both the school and cops.

Anon says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 7:02 PM

Problem in this town is our cops get away with what they want. A "internal" ivestigation is done without bringing in State/Federal investigators. Slaps on the wrist for cops throwing rocks or using excessive force on a son and his fatherin own home

barely there says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 4:49 PM

I can only hope those of you who criticize or have no belief in "special circumstances" didn't have family / friends in need when this officer responded to the call...

AFR says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 9:26 AM

People be real! Someone parked in a restricted zone at a school concert and is now waging war due to a $15.00 ticket!!! If there was a fire during this concert and fire officials couln't get to the school we'd really have a tragic headline!!!

Michele Ford says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 8:10 AM

OMG!! First...Is this truly an issue of where Ms Syring parked when she was called to Walmart on official business (it was official business just for the record)or is it more about someone who received a parking ticket and wants to whine about it?

Anonymuos says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 2:46 AM

Fire Chief stealing $ from us, Police Chief lying, Cops driving squad cars under the influence,Parking Enforcment Parking in No Parking Zone, cops lying under oath, HUH, NO Wonder nobody wants to run for Public Office. Give em' a badge =BREAK LAW!

gimmeabreakII says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 1:16 AM

Ms. Syring does this all the time and it's NOT City Business! Having a badge does not make you better or above the Law! She is Parking Enforcement! What does this say for our city? She is NOT A COP!

tax paying res. says ... on Friday, Jan 4 at 1:05 AM

First Of All Ms.Syring is not an official officer!She is no more than a glorified city employee kinda like the pound master! If this was an EMERGENCY why was she there and not an official cop? Highly doubt it was official Business!

thebubster20 says ... on Thursday, Jan 3 at 7:39 PM

I forwarded your e-mail with the attachment to our Police Chief, who in response advised that he will be repremanding the Officer in question. Although, Ms. Soyring was on City business at Walmart, there is no excuse for her to park in the "n

Jim says ... on Thursday, Jan 3 at 7:32 PM

So if I'm on "Official Business" for my company, I can park illegally? The laws are created for ALL people, even the police.

jaj says ... on Thursday, Jan 3 at 6:44 PM

dont think 8 comments about a picture in a viewing area of tens of thousands is "causing quite a stir" If this were any other police car nobody would say a thing. Shame on you KBJR for putting this on your broadcast. Slow news day in a small town

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jan 3 at 6:20 PM

If you don't want a ticket, don't break the law! This officer is doing her job...and not an easy one at that. The negativity in this town is completely appalling! No wonder nobody wants to run for public office.

givemeabreak says ... on Thursday, Jan 3 at 5:42 PM

Imagine that! An emergency vehicle in the emergency lane. Do you want the cop parking at the far end of the lot when you need them? I don't. What does this prove ... the practice of irresponsible journalism !!!

Anonymous says ... on Thursday, Jan 3 at 1:39 PM

maybe she was on official business? Did anyone think of that?

tdalcain says ... on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 2:25 PM

But she is priviledged,she has a badge!!! someone should show this to the mayor Dave Ross,or the chief of the Superior Police Dept.

Jay says ... on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 8:13 AM

RDP With technology these days, people have cameras in their phones, etc. It is not surprising that someone can snap a quick picture without taking time out of their day.

RDP says ... on Wednesday, Jan 2 at 4:41 AM

Looks like someone has too much time on their hands to follow & photograph a metermaid???

thebubster20 says ... on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 10:47 AM

This is the main entrance to the Superior, WI Wal-Mart.

Karen Peltier says ... on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 10:09 AM

The Milwaukee Chief of Police gave himself a ticket for a driving discretion. He could have done nothing because no one else knew, but he did the honorable thing & issued himself a ticket.What class. Will this Superior officer do the same thing?

Bob Bryan says ... on Tuesday, Jan 1 at 12:27 AM

Government: Don't matter if it's city, state or Federal. They're allowed to do whatever they like. A lesson we all better learn. And fast.

Powelltowel says ... on Monday, Dec 31 at 6:31 PM

there is also a no parking sign right there behind her car. and she knows that no one is going to give her a ticket.

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