New pictures of Sept. 11th 2001 attacks!!! Does this look like an Explosion?

It seems that we are all wondering why this war in Iraq is still happening and how much longer it will last.If you go to YouTube or Google and type in the words 9/11 and Truth, you may find the answer. And you will find hundreds of videos and thousands of conversations on how the attacks on sept. 11 2001 were actually an inside job planned by Companies that control our government.In order to create billions of dollars for Huge Banks and coorperations...Heres one of the videos I found which is not copyright, It is very interesting and I reccomend you to investigate and educate yourself with the available information...I think this Local younews will be a great way to spread the word. And remember there is never a question thats to dumb so please ASK!!!

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people! says ... on Thursday, Sep 11 at 10:08 AM

who care what a stupid thing to say, my father died and i will never let his memory go, if people stop caring and forget about it then history will repeat itself, and im a war vet to putting that you are one doesn't make your statement any better.

BushWacked says ... on Tuesday, May 20 at 4:51 AM

This picture clearly shows large steel beams being thrown over 600 ft away from the building...If Isaac Newton saw this picture he would explain that it takes strategicly placed explosives to throw debris that far. I have to go American Idol is on!

marc says ... on Saturday, Feb 16 at 1:32 PM

Stop saying the war is for oil! we are getting less oil from iraq than ever. that is a tired and dumb argument spread by liberals who still think they won the white house in 2000 even though not one re-count showed that to be the truth!

Jon says ... on Wednesday, Feb 13 at 10:13 AM

:( Film from fox news.. that is your problem right there. Never trust faux news.

calos says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 8:21 PM

agreed, move on,honor the life and service of those who perished,but continue vigilance for our welware

JOn says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 2:26 PM

Like I said before... move on, nothing to see here.

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 4:09 AM

This is not an exploding builing. It is the result of the floors collapsing. Notice the debris falling down on the sides not blowing out. the debris is the dust following the path of least resistance. Get a life people!!

Anonymous says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 4:04 AM

NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Get the film from fox where you see the second jet fly into the building. i watched the buildings come down on that day. there wasn't any explosion.

RE Jay says ... on Saturday, Feb 9 at 2:10 AM

Show me a picture of the tail section and all this debris that you claim to have seen...You cant, it doesnt exist.There is no photographic evidence of a plane hitting the pentagon.Or of a tail section sticking out...I dont want to beleive it either..

Jay says ... on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 9:53 AM

I remember watching it happen live when they showed the Tail Section hang out of the pentagon and seeing all of the debris with larger portions of the plane in pennsylvania. Jet Fuel burns at of 1000 deg C., steal weakens at 625 deg cel.

Someone who cares says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 6:39 PM

Ponder this, there was no airplane wreckage found at the Pentagon or in Pennsylvania. Search the Net, look up airplane crashes and see what's left. Jet fuel is nothing more than glorified kerosene, it can't vaporize metal like the Fed's claim.

WHO CARES? says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 4:49 AM

The U.S. soldiers that are killed everyday for you care. The families of the murdered care. This was a domestic attack on our own soil. Explosives were placed weeks before 9/11 and 3000 americans killed by their Government. INSIDE JOB. STOP SLEEPING

building 7 says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 4:41 AM

any explosives expert or first grader could watch building 7 collapse and tell you that it was an implosion...controlled demolition.Even the owner of WTC, Larry Silverstein admitted pulling Building 7...

Jon says ... on Monday, Feb 4 at 4:57 PM

Again - like many have said before... who cares? Don't dwell on the misfortunes of the past, use the lessons learned and make a positive future out of it.

Jay says ... on Monday, Feb 4 at 11:35 AM

No a plane didn't hit #7, another building did!

free world? says ... on Monday, Feb 4 at 4:28 AM

There is no link between Iraq and 911....There were NO weapons of mass destruction! And if I heard explosives going off all around me I wouldve jumped out of that building to...The fuel burnt off as soon as the planes hit...NO PLANE HIT BUILDING 7

Bob says ... on Thursday, Jan 31 at 2:41 PM

We all have our own views about this thing. But for me this isn't all about oil or vengance, this is about honor. Terrorists are still out there, in the state of the union, bush commented on the attacks that have been stopped since 9/11. Thats honor

Bry_ ; ) says ... on Thursday, Jan 31 at 1:51 PM

I've got another concern, if the U.S. continues on it current path, the WTC, the war in IRAQ is going to be the least of our concerns. We need to take back our Nation. OUR FREEDOMS under GOD, yes I said "GOD" our countries foundation. "IN ENGLISH"

justme says ... on Thursday, Jan 31 at 1:12 AM

Some of you are simply amazing. How dare you say get over it. Do you know any war vets from this mess? Do you know any of the victims family members...husbands, wives, children? If you did you sure wouldn't say get over it. AMAZING is all I can say.

anonymous says ... on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 10:14 PM

If you don't believe steel can weaken due to heat, go check out the Superior Balance building on the corner of Belknap and Banks in Superior. They had a fire on Dec 16, 2007 and the entire structure was steel. The beams/columns distorted and failed.

David says ... on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 9:22 PM

What Liberals lack is rational sense in situations such as these. Popular Mechanics debunks every single argument made with facts. You can't argue with that.

Just Take a Guess says ... on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 6:40 AM

Someone asked to explain how could the building fall so fast. Easy, it's called jet fuel. When the explosion happened, it burned so hot, that the metal turned soft and gave way to the weight of the building.

Anonymous2 says ... on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 5:04 AM

Your engines are cooled and do not exceed 220 degrees. If they do, they usually FAIL! Also, your stove doesn't exceed 500 degrees either. This is the most rediculous argument I've ever heard.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 9:11 PM

Hmmm... Remember watching the home films of the planes flying into the WTC? Remember watching those people jump out the windows to their deaths? For those of you who say do the research don't just trust our politicians, have you done your research???

haywood says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 8:21 PM

"Well your engines, stoves and ovens are made of steel..Because steel can withstand High temps...Does your oven or engine collapse when it over heated...I didnt think so..Wake Up" YOU KNOW NOTHING....EVER HEARD OF TEMPERED OR ALLOYS???

Jaime says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 9:27 AM

How can you say "Who Cares?". I bet if you knew someone who died, you wouldn't be saying that. That day changed our world. I had to explain to my then 4 year old daughter what happened. Don't let it run you, but still care. It's so not not over.

Against the Government says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 8:44 AM

It isnot over, since we are still letting the mongers control our society.To say something about why the media is afraid to talk about it: THEY AREN'T! THEY ARE OWNED BY THE BIG CORPORATIONS AS WELL! DO SOME RESEARCH AND STOP SLEEPING THROUGH IT ALL!

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 5:47 AM

get real people. And I agree with whomever posted a note earlier. It happened 6 yrs. ago, and we need to let it go. Forget the building, how fast it fell? it did it no matter what you people think. it happened, its over. THE END.

Curious says ... on Wednesday, Jan 23 at 7:05 PM

I have a question...Can anyone explain how a 110 story building collapses in 9 seconds? Thats free fall speed...Thats less than 1 second per floor?????

Steel Engine says ... on Wednesday, Jan 23 at 6:59 PM

Well your engines, stoves and ovens are made of steel..Because steel can withstand High temps...Does your oven or engine collapse when it over heated...I didnt think so..Wake Up

Mark CSCO says ... on Tuesday, Jan 22 at 8:28 PM

Hey, Wake up! Steel does not have to be melted to be weakened. Simple increase in temperature allows mild steel and all steel alloys to become weakened. Steel is strong but not magic. Bend steel? easy, heat it; typically done with torch flame!

John218 says ... on Sunday, Jan 20 at 1:40 AM

Thanks every1 for making my picture the most popular on YouNews. Its nice to know that we all have questions and want answers. Never be afraid to ask questions, write to your congress elected officials with questions after all they work for us.THANKS

Jim says ... on Saturday, Jan 19 at 9:57 AM

No it doesn't look anything like an explosion. Frankly, YouNews itself is merely a ratings tool for the TV stations and since the people posting items here don't have to prove their "facts" anyone can say anything and get away with it. It's all BS!

Beleiver says ... on Saturday, Jan 19 at 4:42 AM

Amazed...Do you honestly beleive that World TRade Buildings 1 2 and 7 Collapsed because of fire? Im an Iraq war vet and I dont beleive it..Jet fuel burns at 1300 most. It takes 2700 degrees to melt steel. And World trade 7 wasnt even hit by a plane.

sheeple says ... on Saturday, Jan 19 at 4:37 AM

Thats not true...If I display "terrorist" actions you can kick down my door without a warrant...The government wants to open the borders and create the N American Union.Just wait untill you have to get a National ID card with a satellite Chip in it.

amazed continued says ... on Thursday, Jan 17 at 12:12 PM

Patriot act does NOT mean the police can kick in your door without a warrant. I know..I still have to get a warrant before I kick your door in! Conspiracy theorists scare tactics!

Common Sense says ... on Tuesday, Jan 15 at 9:59 AM

This photograph shows a close up view of one of the towers during implosion. As the building fell upon itself, the air being forced out may have caused what appears to be an explosion.

dwsays says ... on Monday, Jan 14 at 5:24 PM

If people believe everything that OUR gov. tells them, they must be fools or REPUBLICANS!!!! Wake up AMERICA!!!!

anonimity says ... on Sunday, Jan 13 at 9:00 PM

@joe, that's what they are saying. this is the very beginning of the iraq war, right here...without this bombing,the oil war would have never started.the war is not the armed forces fault ,they are just doing BUSHEY'S bidding,and making him money.

Sheeple says ... on Sunday, Jan 13 at 2:53 AM

Why is the Media and Journalists so scared to talk about it on TV? Why does everyone just accept the the story that all 3 buildings collapsed because of fire? And now because of the patriot act police can break down your door without a warrant. WHY?

Joe says ... on Friday, Jan 11 at 4:55 PM

@tdalcain What about all of the families of our soldier and the families of the innocent Iraqi civilians?

bill p says ... on Wednesday, Jan 9 at 9:55 AM

Even the profesionals will tell you, a building that size would have to be imploded to come down like it did. Im sure thats why the investigators were kept out untill the evidence was shipped out.

tdalcain says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 8:15 PM

i'm sure the families of the over 4000 people that died there still care ,they care if it was a gov't plot to get the public behind their OIL WAR.They care if the"POWERS THAT BE"set this up to make themselves richer.Iwould care if I lost someone here

Who Cares? says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 8:18 AM

It was 6 years ago, move on. No one really cares anymore. All we have to show for it is a endless war that is killing more of our troops.

Jim says ... on Tuesday, Jan 8 at 1:40 AM

It's not an explosion, it's an implosion. But we as Americans have stoped caring about the truth. We believe everything we are told by our elected officials. Myself, I believe Government is not in charge of me, I am in charge of the Government.

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